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With more than 10 years experiences in different sectors, we are able to solve your technical problems or help your team to perform in several fields of expertises (front-end, back-end, data architecture, dev-ops, product design, brand activation, SAAS, Eshop, Intranet, CRM, ERP etc.).

We provide a complete service for your tech needs.

We are real swiss-knife able to work in a tech 360° and customer oriented vision

  • Full-Stack development (back-end/front-end)
  • Dev Ops Engineering (docker, CI/CD integrations)
  • Tech consulting (costs optimisation, data)
  • Code review or tech due-diligence
  • Training and workshops/pair programming

A transparent pricing adapted to your needs

10x Developer mode and the most efficient execution guaranteed.

Free Plan

Hourly rate

  • 10x developer mode on 🚀
  • Ask for a meeting when I'm available
  • No booking priority (only if I'm available)
  • Debug mode or simple consulting
Standard Plan

Daily Rate

  • 10x developer mode on 🚀
  • Ask for a meeting when I'm available
  • Full feature delivery
  • Priority mode
  • For workshop, small features or code-review, tech due-diligence
Premium Plan

On demand

Working for worldwide companies

Worked for different kind of companies from SMEs to top 100 companies.


Trusted by Hundreds Happy Collaborators

We don't work with customers, we work with collaborators.

Picture of some collaborator

Stéphan Zych


Daniel est un maître dans l'art de trouver des solutions. Un problème ? ...pas pour Daniel ! C'est une joie intense de collaborer avec quelqu'un d'aussi positif et inventif.”.

Picture of some collaborator

Fred Anzalone


Daniel et moi avons collaboré sur un projet pour Unicef, qu'il a coordonné avec enthousiasme et professionnalisme. En plus d'être naturellement entreprenant, Daniel a une vision claire et sait faire ressortir la créativité de ses collaborateurs.”.

Picture of some collaborator

Severine de Sadeleer


Il n'y a rien à faire tu es d'une efficacité redoutable ;-).”.

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